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2015CBA semi-final-Beijing wins Guangdong with a total score of 1-0 Lao Ma 25 points Arab League 36 points
Beijing time on the evening of February 25th, the first round of the 2014-15 season CBA semi-final kicked off, and the Beijing team played against Guangdong at home.The Beijing team, which fought as a team, settled the victory with an 8:1 shock wave in the last quarter, winning 114 to 108 and winning the top spot.  In this campaign, the Beijing team scored in double figures, Morris 26 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists, Marbury 25 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists, Li Gen 24 points, Sun Yue 14 points and 7 assists.The Guangdong team scored in double figures with 4 people. Yi Jianlian had a total of 36 points and 16 rebounds, Bynum 35 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists, Adrian 17 points and 13 rebounds, Zhu Fangyu 12 points.Sun Yue got up and blocked the offense. The Beijing team’s offense has been stable, and there has been little offensive low tide. The biggest factor for their victory in this game is team battles. The Beijing team has 23 assists in the game, while the Guangdong team has only 8.  As a team leader, Marbury played very efficiently. He scored 5 in 3 from the inside and 7 from 5 from the outside. It was through his three points that the Beijing team regained the upper hand, especially with 1 point 51 leftSeconds, Lao Ma hit a three-pointer under Ren Junwei’s defense, helping Beijing to lead by 106 to 97 close to 10 points, helping the Beijing team to establish the victory.At the same time, he also contributed 6 assists, and connected the Beijing team’s attack.Morris played still stable, playing 33 minutes, scoring a team-high 26 points on 12-for-21 shooting and sending six assists for the team.  In terms of domestic players, Li Gen made 8 of 19 shots and scored the team’s third-highest 24 points.Sun Yue played for nearly 40 minutes. Although he was affected by a shoulder injury, he was 4 of 10 from the outside and also scored 14 points and 7 assists.Ji Zhe scored 9 points, but 6 offenses left early.Zhai Xiaochuan had 7 points and 6 rebounds, and Zhang Qingpeng had 5 points and 3 rebounds.  On the Guangdong team’s side, despite 52 rebounds in the game, 12 more than Beijing, this data did not help them win because the offensive end mainly relies on the player’s personal ability to score.  Yi Jianlian faced the Beijing team’s wheel defense and still played high-energy data. He played 11 of 20 shots in 42 minutes and won a large double-double.He is also the most stable scoring point for the Guangdong team.  Although Bynum also scored 35 points, his 10 of 25 shooting was not efficient, especially since he began to play instability in the second half of the first quarter, which also caused problems for the Guangdong team’s offensive end.At the same time, he had up to 6 turnovers.Adrian played 32 minutes and scored a double-double in 8 of 12.  In terms of domestic players, Zhu Fangyu has 5 of 3 from the inside and only 1 of 5 from the outside, scoring 12 points.Wang Shipeng, Zhou Peng and Chen Jianghua played poorly, scoring only two or three points.Other players scored nothing.  The second round of the two teams will begin on February 27.  Starting from both parties:   Beijing: Ji Zhe, Marbury, Zhai Xiaochuan, Zhang Songtao, Sun Yue   Guangdong: Yi Jianlian, Zhu Fangyu, Dong Hanlin, Zhou Peng, Bynum (Xiaoan)