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“20 million,the third time!Has no one bid yet?If not,This item is going to be sold out。”Downey on the stage shouted。
At the moment,Lu Menglin knew that Master Bacha suddenly looked like a ghost,In all likelihood, it is related to the thing shot on stage,He can’t think about it,make a prompt decision,Raise the number plate in your hand。
“20 million once!BMr. Ou bid 20 million,Is there anyone taller than him??”Mr. Downey has sharp eyes,At a glance, Lu Menglin among the crowd raised his arm,Shouted quickly。
For Julong Pavilion,As long as the auction is closed,All have high fees,And Downey also has a commission,Especially this thing sold for a high price of 20 million,He will also get a sum of money,to him,better than nothing。
,Downey shouted,But it succeeded in bringing all the eyes of the audience to Lu Menglin’s side。
In order to make others less notice of the old nun in weird state,Lu Menglin had no choice but to become wise,Just stand up,Shook his arms,Shouted:“20 million,I bought it!”
In the eyes of others,This young man is really high profile,Showy,But since he can afford 20 million for a Tai Sui,And indeed can stand up to the limelight。
The person who saw the price was the stupid guy who followed him all the way to the island,He Sinan was stunned on the spot,He didn’t even react。
“That guy,Really rich?”He Sinan wondered,Someone photographed his Tai Sui,Obviously it should be a happy thing,But I don’t know why,He can’t be happy,But a little worried。
The big cousin and big cousin on the side are also dumbfounded,Neither of them can think of,It’s actually that silly boy who raised his hand to take pictures of Tai Sui,This scene is like a beggar at their door,One day I suddenly took out the deed,That this house is actually his。