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4000Ten thousand dollars in design fees are really outrageous,But if it is really a life cycle can reach20Design fee for the product of the year,Then this4000Ten thousand dollars is not the average value,It can even be said that Ford is making a lot of money,The only problem is,The life cycle of this product can really be twenty years?
Henry·Ford is very skeptical。
To know,Ford is going to make this product a universal platform.。
Chen Geng sacrificed himself again、The unprofitable trick……
“I have sufficient confidence in my abilities,But I understand your doubts and concerns very well,In this case,Why don’t we follow the previous cooperation model with Chrysler Automobiles,Sign a milestone cooperation agreement。”
“Milestone cooperation agreement?”Henry·Ford’s interest was immediately aroused by Chen Geng:If it is a milestone cooperation agreement,It’s not impossible to consider。
Dare to sign“milestone”protocol,Fernandez’s confidence in himself is not ordinary enough。
more importantly,“milestone”The agreement can maximize the protection of Ford’s interests。
Thought of here,Henry·Ford nodded:“This one‘milestone’What the agreement says?”
First207chapter Love and kill
Chen Geng thought about it,Said:“In general,Just‘Phased、Distribution’。”
“can。”Henry·Ford nodded。
He also feels“Phased、Distribution”The idea of paying the design fee to Fernandez for the overall model is very good,Can guarantee the interests of both parties to the greatest extent,If you can really build a classic car,What if you pay more to Chen Geng?
Chen Geng thought for a while,One more sentence:“But considering that this is a twenty-year or even longer period‘milestone’protocol,The factor of inflation must be taken into account。”
“no problem。”Henry·Ford responded again,If it’s a design that has been sold for 20 to 30 years,Must take inflation into consideration,It is taken for granted——Look at 30 years ago1949What is the average monthly income of the American people in 2015?Present1979year,What is the average monthly income of Americans?
“In addition,Can Ford establish an encouragement or reward clause?”Chen Geng pondered,And greedy:“We helped Ford build such a strategically significant model,Ford should give us some rewards, right??”