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Inside a tea restaurant near the Beijing Railway Station,Qin Feng saw the person he met。
The other person looked like he was in his early thirties,Dressing up is no different from those migrant workers from the North Drifters。the most important is,This restaurant was originally for those who came to Beijing by train。But because of the low grade,So generally only those migrant workers or migrant workers and the like eat here。
The one Qin Feng saw,Fits perfectly into this group。
In other words,This person’s ability to hide disguise has reached the stage of supernaturalization。
If it wasn’t for Qin Feng’s arrival here, the other party waved his hand to greet him,Maybe Qin Feng will never even think of finding such a figure in this crowd all his life。
“Ok,Hello there!”Qin Feng nodded,Then spare
Look at the person in front of you with interest,But I can’t see any flaws。
“Introduce yourself first,Situ Hongyi, Chairman of Hongmen China Branch。”He smiled,Then reached out to shake hands with Qin Feng。
The latter is passive throughout,Even feel taken away。
Because he was shocked by the opponent’s share。Of course he knows the Hongmen organization,I even know that this organization has chapters all over the world。Headquarters in the United States。
The existence of this organization is mostly Chinese members,Count it up,In fact, it can be regarded as a kind of change organization of the gang。However, this organization has a history of more than a hundred years,At that time, many revolutionary leaders in China had actually been blessed by this organization。
Just as Qin Feng knew,Shouldn’t China exist without a branch of this organization??Or,Since all parts of the world are organized by their Chinese, there is actually no need for such an organization in China.。
But Qin Feng found that he seemed to have misunderstood。
“Mr. Qin Feng,I have heard about you。In fact,We Hongmen have no real power in the China branch。It’s just to help some people get a better life。the most important is,We are actually collecting information in China,Then keep the peace。”Situ Hong explained at the beginning。
Qin Feng nodded,Anyway, these things have nothing to do with him。
“Mr. Situ,I am a little curious,Why do your reporting systems make people misunderstand that it is Chen Chong’s team??”