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Finally came a savior,But a totally unreliable guy,It’s this time,He didn’t even know how to run,Still talking to others。
really,Two of the male traffickers strode forward,One left and one right,Hold up Zhu Ji。
Even Zhu Ji was caught at first sight,Su Xuehen’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom。
But at this moment,In the bushes behind Zhu Ji,But there was a sound of sissy sound。
Followed by,A head popped out,Another head popped out,In less than a moment,From the bush,From the park fence,From the flowerbed by the roadside,I have drilled many heads one after another。
So many people popped up all at once,This group of human traffickers was sturdily shocked。
Zhu Ji said with a smile:“I said there was someone behind me,Don’t be so violent!”
The voice has not fallen,From all directions, at least seven or eight young men emerged,Bring this group of people and this car,Faintly surrounded。
This sudden change,Stunned the middle-aged woman,She wants to go back to the car,But was stopped by the tall and strong driver。
“A group of little furry children,Afraid of a bird!”The driver poked his hand in through the car window cursingly,Found a sharpened steel pipe,Hold it upside down,Murderous。
“Come here if you are not afraid of death,I see one poke another!”Driver waving a pole,Arrogantly shouting。
Those high school boys really didn’t dare to come closer,But no one flinched,Still around,The atmosphere is getting tense。
“boarding!Which dare to stop,I killed him!”The driver waved the pole in his hand,Shouted。
The middle-aged woman can’t take care of Su Xuehen anymore,Hurriedly opened the car door,Got in。
The driver waved the pole two