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The mouth of the black fangs crocodile opens,Thunder Tyrannosaurus roared in the direction of Steelthorn Blue Dragon!
Pulmonary agitation,Compressed from the deep throat,This roaring power has a strong air tearing power,Presents a fan-shaped wide range。
That steel spinner blue dragon has no place to hide,I can only hide in front of myself with the banana-shaped tail,But its steely skin muscle is also obviously torn apart,A large piece of scaly thorns fell off!
Ended the rant,Lei Cang tyrannosaurus has rushed towards this steel thorn blue dragon,It hugged the tail of the steel spinner,Relying on his own brute force to throw this steel thorn blue dragon out。
The steel thorn blue dragon twisted in the air,Like a steel python,Actually entangled a huge rock pillar standing in the bronze battlefield with a long body。
Other body parts become soft,Also wrapped around this rock pillar……
Stabilize your body shape again,The Steel Spines Canglong quickly climbed to the top of this huge rock pillar,Then the body became a little flat,Actually gliding down from a height,All the spikes on the body stand up,It’s twisted to Lei Cang Tyrannosaurus。
Head first,The head of the Steelthorn Canglong bypassed the front claws of Tyrannosaurus Thunder,From the back of its neck, it slips and entangles like a loach,Next is the entire body of the blue dragon that has become like a noose。
Obviously steel skin muscle,But it can be so flexible。
Lei Cang Tyrannosaurus was entangled by this steel thorn blue dragon,And those sharp scales became something more terrifying than barbs,With the tightening of the steel spine dragon,Those sharp spines and scales plunged into the flesh of the big black teeth……
While the steel spinner black dragon tightened its body,Still creeping slowly,The process of wriggling is equivalent to that hundreds of thorny scales rolled across the body of Tyrannosaurus thundercang.,This is quite painful!
however,Thunder Tyrannosaurus eyes,Become more blood red。