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Zhu Huiwei suddenly realized,When Chen Xiu fought himself with a real sword and a spear just now,And the fight between Chen Xiu and the Mo family brothers is a life and death fight,All kinds of magic weapons to restrain zombies are used。
Although the Mo brothers are better than Chen Xiu,,But I couldn’t bear Chen Xiu’s blood on the black dog when he was in danger.、Cinnabar、Bezoar powder and other methods are used,The three can’t get into Chen Xiu’s body at all。
Chen Xiu is quite invincible。
Brothers of the Mo family are more anxious,Chen Xiu is really rascal,Just apply the powder of bezoar gall bladder to my body,The three dare not touch him,I can only use the exogenous qi from a distance to use all kinds of strength to chop and cut in the air,But it’s really angry,Chen Xiu has reached the threshold of the 9th rank,It’s a stable and stable three-and-a-half。
Mo Taifeng suddenly yelled,The three Mo family brothers jumped out of the battlefield at the same time。
“Little brother,negotiation!”
Mo Taifeng said quickly:“Our goal is Zhu Huiwei,Has nothing to do with you,How about stop here?”
Chen Xiu hit the cloud directly with a knife and a knife.,Sneered:“Special,Fight if you want,Stop if you want,I really think I’m a green onion!”
Chen Xiu followed by another sword gas,Mo Taifeng can only dodge again and again,The two Mo brothers rushed over to help,Chen Xiu is directly controlling the puppet technique, saying that there are more than a dozen mahogany nails and want to spray them over,The two had to dodge。
Chen Xiu even spared his power to deal with Mo Taifeng alone.,He just forced Mo Taifeng into a blind spot,Want to fight back crazy,Chen Xiu threw a handful of cinnabar,Suddenly let him dodge without temper。
“It seems that you can’t do a trick!”
Mo Taifeng is about to concentrate his energy and use his own trick,Suddenly there was a loud noise,He looked back,I saw Zhu Huiwei mouth wide open,Bit on my neck in one bite。