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“Pooh!You are really shameless”Ali is angry,Spit on Xie Kun。
Xie Kun laughed and said:“how?What can’t you stand?I tell you,When Luo Yi came out to mess with society,Do you know how crazy she is?”
Xie Kun still wants to go on,But Xia Jian refused,He stepped forward,Pointing at Xie Kun’s nose and shouting:“What do you want to do?Speak straight!”
“it is good!Good guy。To be honest,We have been following you for a long time,This time you come,My people just followed you。Since you are a straight man,I’m not welcome。Which bronze lion to keep,I like this thing”It turns out that Xie Kun’s real intention is here。
Xia Jian couldn’t help being surprised,He said coldly:“What if i don’t want?”
First2252chapter Great nanny
“Hahahaha!Do you think you still have a choice?”Xie Kun’s face changed drastically,Become hideous。He approached Xia Jian step by step,Staring with two big eyes,As if to swallow Xia Jiansheng。
Ali sees it,Step forward,Violently blocked Xia Jian,She was afraid that Xia Jian would be hurt by Xie Kun。Suddenly,Xie Kun flicked his right hand,Want to push Ali away。But he forgot,Ali has lived with Luo Yi for many years。
Others don’t know,But Xia Jian knew。Apart from doing good housework, Ali,You can drive a good car,Besides, his skills are not bad。
Seeing Xie Kun suddenly acted,Her right hand turned outward,The body came in a big circle of 360 degrees。Quick and light,When Xie Kun notices it,Ali has gone around behind him。
Ali lifted her right arm,Take advantage of the opportunity to strangle Xie Kun’s neck。Then it turned around sharply,Her petite body turned Xie Kun to his desk。
A look at Ali’s left hand,Grab a pen from the desk,Put the pen tip on Xie Kun’s neck。The indoor situation has changed drastically。It’s not just Xie Kun’s horses that are messed up,Even Xia Jian didn’t expect,Ali, who is not amazing, can behave like this。
“Xie Kun!Ask your person to get out immediately,Otherwise, I will stick this pen into your neck”Ali yelled。Ali is really not scary,She used her hands hard,The nib of the pen has been inserted into Xie Kun’s flesh。
People are afraid of death,Especially greedy people are more afraid of death。Xie Kun is anxious,Roar loudly:“You all get out,Hurry up”