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Two strokes of soft aerobics make your legs more sloppy

Double-foot stepping exercises hold the drinking bottle and raise the heel of the “stepping exercises”, which has the effect of tightening the legs.

The important point is that the arms cannot be bent, and the weight of the drinking bottle is used to maintain balance, while lifting the heels of both feet.

  Step 1: Hold a drinking bottle in each hand, and let your arms hang down naturally.

Open your feet slightly and straighten your spine.

  Step 2: While exhaling, slowly raise the heels of both feet; when the heel is raised, inhale while slowly lowering the heel.

Repeat 10 times.

  The single-foot mats placed the chair in front of the body, the left hand naturally dangled, and the spine was stretched back.

Grasp the back of the chair with your right hand as a support, lift your right foot, and only use your left foot to protrude.

  As you exhale, slowly lift the right heel, wait for the heel to rise, then inhale, and slowly lower the heel.

Do the same while changing.

Repeat 10 times.
  Holding a drinking bottle, using a chair, seat, wooden board, post, or table as a support, perform a “single-foot mat” with a single-leg position.

This kind of gymnastics is slightly more difficult than double-foot stepping, but it has a very good effect on tightening the legs.