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Aiming at the industry to attract capital, living water, capital market services, poverty alleviation
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Our reporter / Li Huimin / Beijing reports that 2020 will be the year in which a well-off society will be built in an all-round way and the battle against poverty will be won. It is a crucial year of great significance.The China Securities Regulatory Commission co-ordinates the strength of the entire industry, gives full play to the role of the capital market, and serves the country ‘s strategy of poverty alleviation. After years of practice, it even straightens the question mark of whether the capital market can help the poor, and perfectly interprets the role of capital market hubs.Dating the capital market’s living water to impoverished areas and providing multilateral financial support for the national strategy to overcome poverty.  It is reported that the CSRC will take advantage of the advantages of the capital market and the industry to provide policy support for IPOs, bond financing, and listing on the New Third Board of companies in poor areas on the basis of maintaining standards and procedures.At present, 14 companies from poor counties are listed for the first time, with an incremental fund raising of about 7.9 billion US dollars; 315 companies listed in poverty-stricken areas where the NEEQ market is growing, and 169 listed companies in poor areas have raised about 20 billion U.S. dollars in the NEEQ market; supportEnterprises in poor areas issued 42.9 billion yuan in corporate bonds and asset-backed securities.  ”China Business Daily” reporter learned that the “Insurance + Futures” poverty alleviation model of the Securities and Futures Commission has achieved good economic and social benefits, and combined with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the three ministries and commissions of the Banking Insurance Commission’s income insurance compensation trials,”Insurance + Futures” dated the support of central financial funds.  Implement the “top leader” responsibility system, link up and down, cooperate internally and externally, and take joint control of the party committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Adhere to the important guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation, carefully implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council ‘s decision-making plan for poverty alleviation, and coordinate the entire system.The strength of the entire industry and the full play of the role of the capital market to serve the country’s strategy to overcome poverty and achieved good results.  First, improve the working mechanism and strengthen the leadership role of the party committee.  On April 16, 2019, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the chairman Yi Huiman presided over the opening of the China Securities Regulatory Commission’s poverty alleviation work leading group meeting. The meeting conveyed the spirit and research of meetings such as the special inspection and rectification video conference on poverty alleviation and the central government’s designated poverty alleviation work promotion meeting.Deployment advancement.  The party committee ‘s strict standard “first-hand” responsibility system for poverty alleviation, and the establishment of the China Securities Regulatory Commission Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation, which is chaired by Yi Huiman, has coordinated the overall system and industry-wide poverty alleviation work.Under the leadership of the Party Committee, the entire system has formed a layout of joint poverty alleviation work, which is linked up and down, cooperates internally and externally.  Basically, the CSRC’s Poverty Alleviation Office is specifically responsible for the poverty alleviation work of the party committees.  Each member unit and dispatched organization of the Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation has also improved the Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation, which is led by the main responsible comrades.In September, Yi Huiman successively went to Shanxi and Fenxi counties in Shanxi Province to conduct research and guide the advancement of targeted poverty alleviation work.Other members of the party committee and the secretary of the party committee of the stock exchange successively went to designated counties to study poverty alleviation work.The CSRC has sent more than 70 cadres with high political qualities and strong business capabilities to the front line of poverty alleviation.  In essence, the industry spontaneously established a poverty alleviation publicity working group in the securities industry, launched a new media platform, and established a multi-level publicity layout.Through organizing the “Capital Market Poverty Alleviation Experience Exchange Meeting” and “Poverty Alleviation Case Seminar”, the media were invited to follow the reports, guide the entire system and industry to summarize and propagate poverty alleviation experiences, tell the story of poverty alleviation, improve the spirit of poverty alleviation, and gather capital markets to serve poverty alleviationJoint efforts; hosted the “Capital Market Poverty Alleviation Forum” during National Poverty Alleviation Day; September 300 solicitation of 300 capital market poverty alleviation short videos from the entire system and industry for display and broadcasting; opening of the China Securities Regulatory Commission”Poverty Alleviation Office” account, using short videos to promote typical cases.  Leveraging the advantages of the capital market, strengthening industrial poverty alleviation and optimizing financing policies to serve national poverty alleviation strategies, establishing poverty alleviation policies, and transforming the “policy dividends” of the capital market into “kinetic energy” for poverty alleviation are the historical mission and fulfilment of the unbounded responsibility of the capital market.responsibility.  On the basis of upholding standards and depreciating procedures, the CSRC has provided policy support to alleviate IPOs, bond financing, and listing on the New Third Board of companies in poor areas, and promote the enrichment of capital, promote market competitiveness, increase employment, and increase localDemonstration effect of fiscal revenue.”The introduction of Wang Lei, the deputy head of the China Securities Industry Association in Lixian County, Shanxi Province, said that the above policy aims to improve the quality of poverty alleviation and promote the development of advantageous industries in poor areas.  According to statistics, currently, 14 companies from poor counties are listed on the market for the first time, and the total raised funds is about 7.9 billion US dollars.Among them, three companies from poor areas issued shares in 2019, raising 2.5 billion yuan.Another two companies have already passed the review meeting.The NEEQ market is gradually serving 315 companies listed in poverty-stricken areas, involving 197 districts and counties in 22 provinces across the country, including 7 new companies listed in poverty-stricken areas in 2019.169 listed companies in poverty-stricken areas raised about 20 billion in the NEEQ market; 25 listed companies completed mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations, with transaction value of about 3.2 billion.Support companies in poverty-stricken areas to issue US $ 42.9 billion in corporate bonds and asset-backed securities, of which US $ 8.8 billion will be issued in 2019.  In addition, the CSRC accelerated the listing of agricultural futures, steadily expanded the “insurance + futures” project, and helped modern agricultural development in poor areas.In April 2019, Jujube Futures was listed on the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange.  ”The ‘insurance + futures’ model of poverty alleviation has achieved good economic and social benefits, and to a certain extent it has become an important 南京桑拿网 guarantee for promoting agricultural development in poor areas, increasing farmers’ income and preventing and reducing disasters.”Introduced by Zhang Min, assistant director of the derivatives department of the Shanghai Futures Exchange.  In 2019, the China Securities Regulatory Commission will coordinate and expand the “insurance + futures” pilot work, and gradually carry out a total of 128 pilot projects involving soybeans, corn, eggs, soybean meal, sugar, apples, red dates, natural rubber and other 8 varieties, 3 productsThe futures exchange supports about 4.100 million yuan, an increase of 51% over last year.The pilot project covers 37 national poverty-stricken counties in 14 provinces, benefiting about 14 poor households who have set up files.230,000 households with total support funds1.5.9 billion yuan.  At the same time, 合肥夜网 in combination with the pilots of the income insurance subsidy of the three ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, and the Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the central government’s financial support was included in “Insurance + Futures”.  According to reports, at present, the county-wide full-coverage pilot area has been expanded to 10 provinces (autonomous regions). Five varieties of corn, soybeans, sugar, apples, and natural rubber have achieved full coverage in 21 counties.Guarantee. “  Overall planning industry advantages, mobilizing market participants to participate in poverty alleviation and capitalizing on the role of the capital market, and providing industrial financial services to poor areas are not only the strengths and advantages of the securities and futures industry, but also an effective way to enhance the sustainable development capabilities of poor areas.Among them, it is inseparable from the joint force of all participants in the capital market.  ”The securities and futures industry is closely linked to the real economy and has a specialization advantage.”The Shanghai Futures Exchange in Taihu County, Anhui Province, Deputy Commissioner Zhou Jun said that the CSRC continued to improve the industry’s poverty alleviation policy, actively established the industry’s poverty alleviation platform, mobilized industry agencies and listed companies to actively participate in poverty alleviation, and formed a major pattern of poverty alleviation in the capital market.  China Securities Industry Association’s “one division, one county” to “one division, multiple counties” pairing assistance activities have contributed significantly.At present, 101 securities company pairs have been promoted, and 285 poverty-stricken counties at the national level have been assisted. In the past three years, enterprises in poverty-stricken areas have raised 202.6 billion US dollars in financing and promoted the sale of specialty products in poverty-stricken areas1.01 billion; securities companies stationed 126 cadres in poverty-stricken areas, established 55 financial poverty alleviation workstations, conducted 434 capital market education and training sessions, and trained 7 people.More than 890,000 people.  On the basis of summing up practical experience in poverty alleviation, the China Futures Industry Association has set up a social responsibility committee, clarified the annual work plan and evaluation plan, and established a futures company work situation evaluation committee.At present, 98 futures operators have signed 250 pairing assistance agreements with 156 state-level impoverished counties (townships, villages), and the industry has invested in growth3.3.7 billion, helping 24,449 poverty-stricken households to set up files and 63,864 people out of poverty.  China Association of Listed Companies guides and organizes listed companies to combine their own industrial characteristics and advantages to carry out capital docking, resource docking and talent docking with poor areas.According to the statistics of the 2018 annual report, 1,235 listed companies disclosed the poverty alleviation work, and spent a total of more than 25.6 billion US dollars, benefiting more than 1.23 million poor households who set up files.  The China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association issued a guidebook for the industry to comprehensively serve the country ‘s poverty alleviation strategy, guided industry organizations to set up poverty alleviation industry funds, provided professional services for enterprises in poor areas to standardize corporate governance, improved financing channels, and helped poor areas establish long-term poverty alleviation mechanisms.The fund industry’s public welfare joint conference on poverty alleviation guides some public welfare organizations established by public fundraising to carry out education and poverty alleviation in poor areas, and medical treatment to alleviate poverty, and gradually realize the accumulation of about 3.500 million yuan.  Poverty alleviation based on industry, multiple measures to promote targeted poverty alleviation To achieve sustainable poverty alleviation, we must develop industries and strengthen our own blood-forming functions.  It is understood that the Securities Regulatory Commission has designated 9 counties in 6 provinces and autonomous regions. Following Lankao County and Yanchang County to achieve poverty alleviation, this year, Lixian County, Susong County and Wushan County achieved poverty alleviation, Taihu County, Tongbai County, and Mai County.Getty County has passed the inspection and acceptance. For the Fenxi County that has been lifted out of poverty, the CSRC plans to increase its support and help the county to reduce poverty as far as possible in terms of industrial development and infrastructure construction.  While supporting poverty alleviation based on industry, we have taken various measures to promote targeted poverty alleviation work, including public welfare poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation, health poverty alleviation, and so on.  China Securities Investment Fund Industry Association combined with Fenxi’s industrial planning to help Fenxi broiler breeding leader Hongchang breeding and dating strategic partners, and led the local government to invest in the construction of 75 large-scale broiler breeding farms; the Shanghai Stock Exchange took up Canary Bird’s Nest. “The second phase of the Poverty Alleviation Project with rice and shrimp is 3 million, and 2400 acres of industrial poverty alleviation bases are developed to expand the space for targeted poverty alleviation.  The China Securities Industry Association organized a good walker public welfare activity, raised 1.1 million yuan for the help of special hardship projects in Shexian County; in Wushan and Tongbai County, the Poverty Alleviation Office of the Securities and Futures Commission and the China Film Group launched the “Zhizhi Double Support-100 Films”Longxing “public welfare screening event.  Poverty alleviation through education covers building schools, engaging in training, and learning languages.The Securities Regulatory Commission and Zhongdeng invested 15 million yuan to build a primary school in Zhangzhuang Village, Lankao County; in the previous period, Taihu County led the appointment of financial experts to conduct corporate stock reform guidance and talent training; CICC’s Yanchang County helped build 3 “dream centers”,To support quality education in primary and secondary schools; CCTV news anchor Haixia’s “Pomegranate Seeds Program” in Maigaiti County, Xinjiang, promoted local preschool children to learn the national language.  Zhengshang County’s health poverty alleviation program has spent 1805 million in Tongbai County to support the deployment of some medical equipment in 15 township hospitals, equip 143 administrative village standardized clinics and 207 village clinics with basic medical equipment.  ”The pairing of Dashang Group to support Qin’an County, the introduction of the Million Egg Duck Project and the laying hen breeding project have produced very good poverty alleviation results.”Introduction of Ji Tongguo, deputy head of Dalian Commodity Exchange in Qin’an County, Gansu.”2020 is the year of decisive battle against poverty. The battle against poverty has entered a critical period. For the entire industry and society, poverty alleviation is still a long way to go.  In the middle of the 2020 New Year’s message of President Xi Jinping, 2020 is a year of gradual significance.We will build a well-off society in an all-round way and achieve our first century-old goal.The Charge has blew.We want everyone to work harder. The harder and harder we move forward, the more we can make up for the shortcomings, the more solid the foundation, and the resolute victory of the poverty alleviation campaign. All rural poor people will be lifted out of poverty under the standard, and all the poor counties will be pickedcap.  In 2020, the battle against poverty has entered a critical period. The CSRC stated that it will fully mobilize and give full play to the strength of the securities industry, continue to advance the capital market to serve the battle against poverty, and resolutely win the battle against poverty.