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At this time a cold causes collapse,Legs as heavy as lead。I felt profusely sweating after climbing two floors,Panting,Take a few steps,Take a few steps,I hope I can insist on helping Chen Amei to deal with the demolition and rent sealing business.。
Finally climbed upstairs,Find the project department。The guys in the project department are very busy,All lean,It looks like this department is very tired,Or it is the kind that is squeezed dry by capitalists,They walk around in work clothes or get together to study what the aerial view on the computer is talking about,Didn’t have time to bother Tian Lu。Haha Literature Net
On seeing the opportunity, Tian Lu finally found the male colleague passing by and holding the documents,Asked:“Hello there,I want to ask,Is the demolition and construction of Chentang Village really Shenglan International Optoelectronics?,You are the executive department?”
Prominent cheekbones on male colleague’s cheek,Also tall and thin,Look up and down Guru cleverly,Replied lukewarm:“Yes。”
“But why did Chentang Village be demolished??”Tian Lu asked with anxious eyes,As if trying to find reason for my own business。
“No comment,This is the upper order。”The male colleague left her in front of her。
The back of watching the male colleague leave,She muttered:“Is he referring to the CEO who has never met before?akey?”
Can’t control so much,Chen Amei is so angry,If there are three long and two short,That’s really killing money,Presumably there are many people who fail to do well in the ideological work of the masses.。
To seal a rare rental house,Where should i live?And Chen Amei’s house does not hinder others,Tian Lu walked towards the direction of the president’s stairs unconsciously。
Dragging a lead-heavy leg to slowly move towards the president’s room,Thinking while walking,Am I too worried?,I’m an egg against a rock,Self-defeating,Besides, the company has already negotiated with the local,How can I change this little girl。I think more and more that my behavior is naive and ridiculous。
A cold wind blows,Fill her neckline,Made her think more clearly,But I’m running out of energy。Suddenly one in front of me was wearing a medium-length black suit,Tall,Crisp hairstyle,Passing by,Tian Lu looked up,I saw that person’s face in a daze,Much like Ye Xingkong,When you can’t help calling out,That person has taken a long way,I haven’t heard。When I want to shout again,Sat weakly down the corner,Eyes are dim。
Some minutes passed,A slender and smaller beautiful colleague came over in the office,Shook her gently,Pulling Tian Lu softly:“Hey,Are you OK,Do you want to call an ambulance?”
Tian Lubei shakes consciousness,Regain the light in front of me。“No need to,thank you,I just feel dizzy,It’ll be fine in a while。Can you give me a cup of hot water?”Tian Lu slowly wakes up,Weakly supported by a beautiful colleague,Temporarily sit on a stool in a waiting room。
Tian Lu took the tea from a beautiful colleague,Take a sip,Thanked her:“It’s really sending charcoal in the snow,Thank you guys!”After drinking half a cup of warm tea,The weak body seems to be charged enough,Much better than ten minutes ago。