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sound,The Yi Yi leader is not very hostile to Wu Hao,He just wants to protect the future Pope,The Gaia priest。
Seeing that even Master Wuhao’s Open Sky Slash couldn’t cut the light curtain,Long Zhanye and Tu Shanming are dark in their hearts,They also put out their plans to help。
They know the power of Open Sky Slash,Even Kaitianzhan can’t cut that turtle shell,The two of them went up and broke out,Actually it’s no good。
At this moment,Sixth Prince Mili suddenly remembered something,The eyes suddenly brightened,His face is even more shocked。
“Wuhao,Let’s go!You can’t break the golden mask!He is not human at all!That’s not his own power,That is the mixed energy produced by Shenhui and the light pattern in his body for a long time.。Only the power of God can break!Don’t waste your effort!”The Sixth Prince Mi Li said with a look of disgust。
Hear the words of Brother Six Emperors,Mi Xiaochong also showed a surprised expression,Because he knew it instantly,The old head of the knights of the temple,What kind of existence it is。
in fact,Brother Mili is right about one thing,The old head is not a person at all,From the moment he chose to be the guardian of the temple,He has already abandoned his identity as a god nation,Rely on pure faith,Blend your own light energy with divine glory,After decades of running-in,Formed another kind of hybrid energy。
This mixture of divine and light energy,Has a more concentrated explosive power than light energy,And a more stable energy structure than Shenhui,Means lasting output。
And the price of doing so,That is, the old leader will be in the process of energy fusion,Gradually lose humanity,Gain a certain divinity,And he will become a powerful tool of war,Get immortal life at the same time,Also lost the right to leave the scope of activity of the Guangming Dragon Temple。
This terrible tool of war,For the Emperor Tianzun,Is a very annoying existence,Because of the existence of these fanatics,Use this way of dedicating yourself to the gods to improve the defensive power of the temple,Lead to the powerful,Awe-inspiring,Even the secular imperial power was firmly suppressed。
The light curtain in front of me,It’s like an independent split-type magic defense system,Can be integrated into the defensive system of the temple,Can also be used to protect important people in the temple,Such as the future Pope。
Don’t look at what the head Yifan said was asking Wu Hao to take the priest Lei Jiji away,It seems that the two are not helping each other,but,As long as Wu Hao leaves here,Wait until His Majesty the Pope successfully enthroned,The forces inside the Guangming Dragon Temple have been completely reorganized,Then don’t even think about it,There will be an army of temples dispatched,Pursuing Wu Hao, Lei Ji and others,Never die。
Face such a problem,What would Wu Hao do??
Thousands of eyes present,All staring at Wu Hao,Many people sigh secretly,No tricks now, right!
The Guangming Dragon Temple will not fall for a thousand years,How deep is the background,Even Shenchao dare not easily engage with,You a little Wuhao,But dare to speak in public,To kill the next pope,I hit the iron plate right now?
Troubles are due to strong!From the moment Wu Hao decided to stand up for the priest Lei Jiji,Is doomed to tragedy,This is not an era where you can win with a blood!