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however,Is here,When Yang Zhuo watched here a little bit。
In fact, for the moment,Yang Zhuo knew exactly,What should I do next?。
But when I see this,Yang Zhuo is still talking。
“Let’s shoot with the Guo family this time,By the time,I must make that kid look good。”
“You don’t have to worry so much,After all this time,We won!”
When Yang Zhuo said directly to him,This makes people around me very happy。
After all now,Since Yang Zhuo said,Have already reached this point。
Then next,How will you arrange this?。
Actually just these,It’s not that simple。
and,After thinking about the low-hanging wealth。
In fact, deep inside these people,Even more eager to try。
“I won’t talk about other issues for now,Anyway next,Our chance is here。”
When Yang Zhuo saw this,Yang Zhuo waved his hand。
“right now,Let’s go down and prepare,then,Let’s set off right away!”
With Yang Zhuo’s words finished,at this time,Yang Zhuo raised his head and stared at him。
obviously,Such a thing,Actually, it looks like Yang Zhuo,It’s really a very good thing。
other people,Think so too。