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Li Ming waved his hand,Two flames emerge。
Together,It’s an immortal fire,This is a very mild flame,You can feel endless warmth just by seeing。
Together,But the sun’s golden flame,But the real sun is the highest,The natural fire of heaven and earth,Is the essence of the sun star。
《Three Gods》The next,It’s an immortal fire、Sun Jinyan and Zhurong Shenhuo merge with each other,The three ancestors are perfectly integrated,Although far from perfect,But at the level of ancestor gods and ancestors, it is also a very powerful killer.。
It’s a pity that Zhu Rongshenhuo disappeared long ago,Replace with Liuding Shenhuo,but《Three New Gods》Not yet recreated。
but,Only fusion of two,The power is still stronger than the nine-fold real fire in the novella。
But control for a long time,The two great ancestor fires are entangled with each other but still not a bit of harmony。
“Nothing more,My understanding of Huoxing in this life is still too shallow,Huo Xing’s lack of understanding, even if there is a clear way,But still unable to merge the two great ancestors。”Li Ming sighed,But not too surprised。
The next direction of his perception,Is to comprehend the flame,If you have also mastered the Huo Xing Tian Dao,His strength will also improve slightly。
Almost at the same time,Sui Renshi,The Sanqing Taoists of Kunlun in the heavens are also practicing this method。
With the vision of these two leaders,Naturally you can see how powerful this method is。
First, I practiced it in one go and became a novelette,Mastered a good silver flame,Then begin to comprehend the next part。
Li Ming knows that the fire is very low,Just try the fusion of the three real fires。
And Sui Renshi delves into the tolerance characteristics of immortality,Incorporate the other two ancestors into it。
Sanqing Taoists tried to use Yin and Yang,Let these three ancestor fires naturally merge。
after all,For them, adding a fighting supernatural power is still second,Analyze the mystery from the perspective of one’s own realm,Creating a method that you completely master is the way to really make your own strength greatly improved。
They are already the strongest in the Three Realms,If you can go further,
And in a cave in Zhongshan Great World,Li Ming’s second disciple Bai Zhilan is also practicing this method。