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Just stood up,The gate of the mountain is wide open,Those great monks in dark red robes filed out of the door,Then list two mountain gates in order,One by one,I look down upon believers like ants,The one who came out most was a middle-aged man in dark brown uniform,A big thorn to the center of the mountain gate,Quite a domineering posture。
The ants suddenly cheered,Then hula la bowed down,Li Tianzhen is a little confused,Fortunately, these believers have not been trained much,Some kneel and some stand up,Very messy,Li Tianzhen stood upright in the corner,It doesn’t look particularly abrupt。
But Li Tianzhen looked at this middle-aged man,Always feel tense,Although he currently only possesses mortal perception,But after all, the knowledge is already extraordinary,From corpses to all kinds of evil monsters,I’ve played anything、Fight over,This person’s evil spirit is very heavy,And seeing people’s eyes go blank,Doesn’t seem to really look at people with their eyes,But with a certain power of perception。
Li Tianzhi’s heart was stunned,Warned myself never to look at this thing,The spiritual power of the old evildoer may be hidden in it,This is probably the legendary preacher。He didn’t encounter this type of creation last night,But the Guardian was killed by him four at once,One of them was killed by the recruited god。
Play against each other in person,Li Tianzhi still has some experience,The individual combat power and supernatural powers of these guardians are already very strong,At least not weaker than Jing Tailai’s level,Except for the one who was shot to death by the gods,Kill the remaining three guardians,Li Tianzhi has gone through a hard fight,If it’s not for these guardians’ lack of sanity,Slow response,It is impossible for him to kill three in one go。
The preacher’s combat power is similar to that of the guardian,But supernatural powers far exceed the guardian,These are the unicorn beasts captured alive from that‘Ears and eyes’Inferred from his memory,So Li Tianzhen must be cautious。
The preacher began to speak,Unfortunately, Li Tianchou can’t understand either,Fortunately, after only a few words, I was interrupted by the whistling of the surrounding mountains.,The believers are all excited,Raise their hands high,So I had to stretch out my hands and pretend,But Li Tianzhen also discovered,There are a few people who are not really happy and excited,Some pretend like him,Some raised their hands,But he looked worried,There was a trace of fear in his eyes,Although insignificant,But Li Tianzhen can see clearly。
And the preacher waved his hand,Four monks on the left and on the right stood,Enclose the center of the small square into a semicircle,The preacher glanced at the right corner intentionally or unintentionally when he turned around,The sharp light shocked Li Tianzhi,That’s definitely not a normal person’s gaze,But a powerful spiritual energy,He is familiar,I met in the confrontation last night,That is the power of the old evil spirits。
Was it discovered?Li Tianzhen can’t be sure,But I’m glad I didn’t look at him just now,But naturally cast his eyes to the back of the head of the fat man in front,I hope this person’s fat back neck can help him cover the other party’s exploration。
The monks began to pick people against the vying believers,quickly,The circle they surround is full of selected believers,Many more people start to squeeze forward,Naturally some people are backing quietly,Li Tianzhi thoughtfully,But time doesn’t allow him to think,Because the fat guys in front of him have all been picked away,He was pushed to the front row at once,The monk facing him is waving at him。
“Ababa?”Li Tianzhen pointed his finger to his chest,Mouth shape is peculiar to deaf-mute people。
The monk beckoned to him persistently,And there was an encouraging smile on his face,The guy next to him almost screamed enviously,The more restless believers behind couldn’t help but push Li Tianzhu,Causing him to stagger and have to enter the middle circle。
The noisy picking process ends soon,Each of the eight great monks chose at least the 20th and 30th,No less than two hundred people in total,The middle circle of the small square is full,Then another monk stood up,Wow, I said something,The noise gradually subsided,Many people showed expressions of regret and unwillingness。
This is easy to guess,Roughly the end of the temple activity,The chosen believers walked into the mountain gate with the monks in groups,But the unselected believers are in twos and threes,Down the mountain dejectedly。
With boom,Bang,Two large and heavy mountain gates were closed,The temple and the outside form two worlds,Believers don’t use monks to scold,As soon as I entered the gate, I was very pious and solemn,Many people bow their heads,Hands together,Although Li Tianzhi cannot distinguish between Hinduism and Buddhism,But it is clear that the old evildoer is pretending,Teach nothing。