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The brick youth is the most in the South Yin Tan, and the brick youth is closely embroidered in the sky. Although the Tour, Hao Island, although the island is still a summer style, blue pure sky and sea water, a salty sea breeze, high speed windmill, everything is just like the sound from Pakistan, this event will be a brick National Youth Exchange has played a role. I hope to promote the blend of brick national culture through the activities of the bricks. We call us "666" legion is fortunate, Pingtan travel! Under a smoky sunset, on the sandy beach of Mandan, we stepped on the waves and rushed, as if you were like to throw away all people, I am Pingtan people may have been with me. There are not many places. But in more than twenty years, I still can’t see it, I don’t look at it, I will see my eyes, as if I can feel the coolness of Pingtan sea, touch Pingtan’s blue sky, breathing flat Tan fresh air about you island about you, I want to stay in the south of Mandan, to be more free than the sea, to be more free, sing there in Jinzhu, sing in late night.