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On April 8, after 76 days of persistence, Wuhan lifted the Han channel control measures, ushered in the moment from "suspend" to "restart". New crown pneumonia epidemic is a major burst public health event that has occurred in China since its establishment in my country.

Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, we started the people’s war in the epidemic prevention and control, overall war, stopping war, adopted the most comprehensive, most stringent and thorough prevention and control, after more than two months of efforts, epidemic prevention and control Further consolidation of the performance of the stage, the completion of completion of recovery production, and the economic and social operation is accelerated.

Despite the serious impact of the epidemic, China’s huge turn realized the charters, ship stability, and sail, showed a significant advantage of the Chinese Communist Party Leaders and the Socialist System. "Brain" rely on strong leadership.

Wansheng, there must be the main peak.

Since the epidemic, General Secretary Xi Jinping came personally to conduct, personally deployed, and made a series of important instructions for the prevention and control of epidemic, proposed clear requirements.

Under the unified command of the Party Central Committee, under unified and unified dispatch, various departments will quickly start emergency response and social mobilization, carry out joint defense association, group defense group, and the whole party’s national people’s unity and fight against the epidemic. "Boat is stable" is a one heart.

"What is the real copper wall of the iron wall? It is a masses, which is a mass of the people who really support the revolution.

Under the leadership of the party, the people used a small cart to launch the victory of Huaihai Battle, and build a modern urban in the South China Sea of ??the motherland, and the Sahanba was originally turned into a million oasis. Nowadays, a civil war war in an epidemic prevention and control, condense the powerful force of group control and association. The Wuhan people are in the overall situation, perseverance, the people of the whole country, watch the help, the majority of medical staff are ignive, and they are born to death, and they will create unbreakable treated defense lines and anti-epidemic copper walls. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The people are real heroes."

Relying on the people, it is the most important support for our efforts to defeat the epidemic. "Fan is" relying on, you don’t forget.

The initial heart and mission are firmly party and the people, through history, reality and future, is the main source of the majority of party members, cadres and the maintenance of the maintenance of the sources of business. A party member is a battle flag. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The crucial moment rushed up, and the dangerous juncture was an exemption, and it was a real communist." From the hospital ward to the hospital ward to emergency research institute, the intersection of the station to the station Production plant workshop, the majority of party members and cadres respond to the call of the Party Central, the charge is in the first line, fighting at the forefront.

"I am a party member, I will first", "" Party members don’t pay attention to the heavy burden ", the meaning of" Who is coming ", politely brightens the glow of party spirit, forming a powerful call.

"China once again demonstrates the efficient governance capabilities to deal with complex difficult challenges.

"We successfully curb the spread of the epidemic, showing the leadership capabilities of the party’s central government, the ability to respond to the country in the country, the organizational ability to concentrate on doing major events, the strong soil has the ability to implement the power of the earth.

This is an important manifestation of socialist powerful vitality.