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Midea, Haier and other appliance giants are actively cooperating with related suppliers
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Original title: Midea, Haier, Galanz and other home appliance giants resumed work in full. Related suppliers actively cooperated on February 20. Midea Group reported to the outside that up to now the company’s 33 production bases in China have resumed work except in Hubei.Among them, Midea Group’s Shunde factory was the first to start the battle to resume production and resume production. At the same time, the company is coordinating with the government of Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, and actively promotes the resumption of work on February 21.  Midea Group said: Employees returned to the factory to attend work8.30,000 people, none of the returning employees were diagnosed, the goal is to basically resume normal production by the end of February.  It is understood that in the next two weeks, Midea Group will make every effort to promote the return of factory employees to the factory.Among them, on February 23, Guangdong Province will arrange a Sichuan high-speed rail train, and some seats will be given to employees returning to the United States.On February 19, Midea Group will promote special re-employment text messages to factory colleagues who have left before, and welcome them to return.In essence, Midea Group is discussing other measures to promote employee recruitment and ensure output.  A large company’s resumption of work requires the effective cooperation of upstream and downstream supply chains to produce smoothly.Midea Group said that on February 10, while Midea resumed production, the Shunde District Government took the initiative to use government data to match more than 40 core suppliers of Midea to resume work with Midea.Specifically, the Shunde District Government continued to quickly coordinate the resumption of production by upstream suppliers, requiring townspeople to arrange one-on-one guidance for resumption of work and on-site inspections, and approval on the same day of inspection to ensure rapid and safe return to work.  As of now, there are about 450 suppliers in the Shunde area, and all of them have resumed work, which greatly guarantees the timely delivery of overseas orders and reduces the risk of corporate default.  It is understood that the overall resume rate of suppliers in the United States in Guangdong Province reached 92%, the overall resume rate of suppliers in Anhui Province reached 93%, and the overall replacement rate of suppliers in Jiangsu Province reached 88%.  On the 20th, relevant persons from the Haier Zhijia disclosed that except for the three factories in Wuhan, the rest of the Haier Zhijia factories had resumed production and resumed work on February 10.At present, Haier’s icy industry line, washing industry line, air conditioning industry line, water heater industry, and kitchen appliances industry line are all expected to reach the end of February.  It is understood that, in addition to the orderly resumption of epidemic prevention work at domestic factories, Haier’s overseas markets also actively mobilized the global supply chain system to fully protect the production capacity of global customers.At present, the overall guarantee rate of Haier Zhijia’s overseas market orders is over 90%, which can basically 南京夜网论坛 guarantee the delivery of overseas customer orders.  Haier Zhijia explained that the reason why overseas orders have such a high guarantee rate depends on the localization of the “Trinity” based on localized research and development, localized manufacturing, and localized marketing.The factory’s production, this part of the order execution rate in February can reach 99.8%, which basically guarantees the supply of orders from overseas customers.In addition, less than 40% of the overseas orders are exported from China to overseas. Although there is a gap in these orders, internal orderly resumption of work is rapidly eliminating factors affecting delivery.  On the 20th, surging news reporters learned from Galanz that recently both Galanz Shunde and Zhongshan bases have resumed work. The current staff turnover rate has reached more than 80%, and production is gradually on track.Galanz said that Galanz is a complete industrial chain supporting, and through the self-matching of core components and key components, to better eliminate the impact of upstream and downstream supply chain.  Gree, another white goods giant, is also in the process of returning to work.On February 12, Dong Mingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric, said in a letter of condolence to all employees in Wuhan that at present, except for the Wuhan base, Gree has resumed work one after another, stepping up the production of thermometers, mask production equipment, goggles, anti-virus air purifiers,A series of anti-epidemic products, such as “Wind Without Boundary” fresh air conditioners, fight for the prevention and control of the epidemic.