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Chinese women’s team won the bronze medal of the archery World Cup Shanghai station recurve bow team
China News Agency, Shanghai, May 21-The 2017 Archery World Cup Shanghai Station ushered in the last day of medal competition.In the women’s recurve bow team competition, the Chinese team defeated Malaysia to win the bronze medal, and the Russian team won the gold medal in the project.  After losing to the Russian team in the semifinals, the Chinese women’s team will usher in a strong enemy against the Malaysian team in the recurve bronze medal. This is also the only item in the Chinese team’s hope to compete for medals in this game.  According to the rules of the competition system, each team sends 3 players to participate in the game, each player 6 players from each side fires two arrows, a total of 12, according to the total number of rounds to determine the outcome of the round, the winner will get 2 points, tieEach side scores 1 point, and the loser is not popular.  In the women’s team competition that day, the Chinese team sent three players including Qi Yuhong, Lan Lu and Cui Yuanyuan.Among them, Qi Yuhong represented the national team in the Rio Olympics in the past year.  The Chinese team had a good start. Three players played 56 rings, while Malaysian players played abnormally and only played 47 rings.The Chinese team took the lead in the first game with a total score of 2:0.  In the second game, the Malaysian team still failed to find the feel, only played 49 rings, the Chinese team played 55 rings, expanding the total score to 4:0.  In the third inning, the Chinese team did not give their opponents a chance to overturn. They scored 58 points with a high score against Malaysia, and won the women’s recurve bow team bronze medal with a total score of 6:0.  Eventually it was launched between the Russian team and the American team.In the end, the Russian team defeated the American team 6:2 and won the gold medal.  Compared with the waves of the women’s team competition, the recurve bow men’s team competition is full of variables.The Korean team with outstanding personal strength led the Kazakhstan team in the finals.In the end, the Kazakhstan team won the gold medal by defeating South Korea through playoffs.The Japanese team won the bronze medal.(Ma Huayu)