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It’s said to be because the great Comrade Lenin liked chess,Set chess as the national chess of the Soviet Union,Vigorously promote promotion throughout the country,Therefore, the chess movement is widely spread among the people of the former Soviet Union,Almost everyone is a chess player。
And affected by this,After World War II, the former Soviet Union ruled the world chess world for more than 50 years。
And the highest chess tournament in the world—In the World Chess Championship,From1948From the year,apart from1972American chess player Fisher won1Outside champion,The rest of the championships were won by former Soviet chess player Botvinnik、Smeslov、Tal、Occupied by Petrosian and Spassky。
From this, you can see that Russia’s top chess leader in the world!
And this Gogolevsky Avenue14Today is the location of the Russian National Chess Exchange Center,All of Russia gathered here,The best chess master in the world。
And ten years later2014year,Gogolevsky Avenue14Will be the seat of the Russian National Chess Museum。
Yes,Andre is here right now!
It is said that Andre was once a legendary chess prodigy,He has a good family since he was young,Under the tutelage of the most prestigious world chess master Anatoly˙Karpov。
Andre has been in the chess world since he was eight,Won the Soviet Youth Chess Championship in one fell swoop at the age of nine,Become the youngest youth chess champion in the history of the former Soviet Union,Shocked the whole world of chess。
To know,The Soviet Youth Chess Championship is the highest level of competition in the youth world chess world,All participants are high-level professional players,And they are all young talents in their twenties。
Andre won the championship at the age of nine.,Caused a great sensation in the world of chess,Chess Federation(FIDE)Praised as“The future of chess”.
First0138chapter World chess king
Later, Andrei, under the guidance of the chess master Karpov,Andre’s performance has improved by leaps and bounds,Year only13Enter the world’s highest chess tournament at the age of—World Chess Championship,And successfully defeated many former world chess kings,In the end almost won the championship!
And the next few years,Andre became the hottest young talent in the world of chess,One of the world’s top masters fell at his feet one after another。
Finally, Andre also aimed at the last mountain–Known as the first chess player in world history、Has won for ten consecutive years“World chess king”Karpov。
In the many open contests between the master and apprentice,Although Andre wins less and loses more,But every time Andre can grow rapidly in the game between the two,Chess has improved by leaps and bounds。
The mentor Karpov also gradually lost support in the confrontation between the two,And three months ago,The last public confrontation between the master and apprentice,Karpov and Andre are evenly split,in20Win each game5field,with10field。
Even Karpov had to admit after the game,Playing against Gotu Andre,He is already powerless,I’m afraid it won’t take long,He is about to hand over the title of World Chess King to Andre。