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Now he has an idea,That is to stop some things here。
Otherwise, once it’s dry,It’s possible to kill a thousand enemies and hurt yourself eight hundred。
Only once it really stops,Will those people get in?
Huang Junjie’s mind is also constantly thinking。
Qin Feng seldom has such passion,He drove the car to the extreme,The whole person wants to fly。
Jiang Yan behind is holding Qin Feng tightly,Because she is also a bit afraid。
Although Jiang Yan knew that Qin Feng couldn’t possibly happen,But she is still a little afraid of accidents。
Almost to the place where the road is being built,Qin Feng also stopped slowly。
“Hi boss。”
“Mr. Zhang。”
“boss Zhang,Why is there so much time today??”
After many people saw Qin Feng,One of them hurriedly said hello。