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Zhong Ming’s voice has not fallen,Was interrupted by Hu Lin on the spot。
“okay!Stop talking politely!What I want to hear is the key reason you can win,The most critical one!Other things,I’m not interested in。”Miss Hu Lin sneered。
Able to use such a polite tone,Talk to an officer in the hunting field,It’s already a manifestation of her self-cultivation。
If it changesNTAnother popular host of the TV station,I’m afraid that the other party has already been tied up for questioning at this time。
Outside hunting ring,Can you count as a person??
Zhong Ming smiled,He smiled very connotatively,Because he has already experienced the emotional changes of this reporter,Accurately capture the true attitude of the chaotic circle to the outside hunting circle。
There is nothing distinct from before,Even Sandstorm City blocked tens of thousands of alien forces for them,In the minds of those who think they are superior,Human race outside hunting ring,Still not considered the same family。
“What are you smiling?Answer quickly!”Xingwei shouted impatiently。
He always feels that there is something wrong in this sandstorm city,But I can’t say what’s wrong。
Maybe Sandstorm City treats them, the messengers from Yehan Shangguo,It’s too calm and calm.!
From beginning to end,Sandstorm City just sent an adjutant to accompany them,Others behave abnormally calm。
This is the same as the attitude of other cities outside hunting besieged to the envoys,Completely different,It’s a world of difference!
To know,The lifeblood of these human gathering spots,The water source,But it is firmly in the hands of Ye Korea,As long as the military department issues an order,You can erase this human gathering point at any time,Turn these people in the city into complete refugees,Dead without burial。
they,Aren’t you afraid?Compared to the almost kneeling and licking attitude of other human gatherings,The attitude of treating people from the country as gods,The performance of this place is too abnormal,Abnormal enough to be disturbing。
Adjutant Zhong Ming with a smile,But my heart is bright,Compared with the people who came to China,Or Wu Hao from the different plane, they are more kind,Treat people more equally,Only in their eyes,The soldiers and civilians of Sandstorm City are the real human race。
This fact,It’s really ironic!Belong to the human race under the same sky,But divided into three, six or nine,The gap between the noble and the humble is vastly different,The possibility of ever crossing。
Instead, those human races from different planes,They don’t have much racial prejudice,After a big battle,And became a part of the soldiers and civilians of Sandstorm City,Intimate。
At this moment,The faith in Zhong Ming’s heart has become stronger,He and all the soldiers and civilians of Sandstorm City,Have decided to go one way to black,Swear to follow Master Wuhao。
Thought of here,Zhong Ming settled down,Showed a kind smile,Tao:“Everybody!Don’t hide,The reason why our Sandstorm City was able to defeat those alien monsters,Mainly because there are a certain number of mutants in our city,And our acting Lord Wuhao,Is the most powerful one。”