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Fang Yu whispered to Christina’s ear and asked,“You are?”
“A very annoying guy,Shengli……Don’t look at him like this。Playboy type,Changing girlfriends is faster than changing clothes……And he just thinks I am beautiful and close to me,I hate such a guy the most!Doctor Fang, help me block first!
I’ll treat you to dinner!”
Christina says。
Fang Yu speechless。
This is another meal?
“Yes!Me and my friend ate here……”
Christina deliberately grabbed Fang Yu’s hand,Smile。
Fang Yu drank tea seriously,I didn’t care about Kristina’s eyes。Women are the same,Whether it is the United States or China……
“your friend?Why are you so faceless,I haven’t seen him……”
Sheng Li said coldly,Obviously not in a good mood。
Christina,He chased him for a long time。
to this end,He deliberately gave up several high-quality girls。To know,As long as he works harder,Those girls are not too much。
“My friend needs you all to meet?”
Christina dissatisfied。
Obviously a little impatient with Shengli。
“I didn’t eat either……Not as good as……”