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Because of this, it is an invincible for Jiang family in Huashan City.。
The 480th chapter is hard
“Is there any expensive??
Then we have ordinary dishes,The supply channel is also another place,Similar green pollution,But some effects are not。”
Zheng Tiancheng still doesn’t want to fight with the river.,After all, the other party is a pharmaceutical business company.,big company,big family。
A few kilograms of a few pounds of a dry restaurant still understand。
Jiang invincible squatting and looked at a smile of Zheng Tiancheng,It’s also laughing.。
“Zheng Boss,I told you that your price is priced.,You tell me another ordinary vegetable?”
Looking at the chill of the river invincible,Zheng Tiancheng is also understanding,The other party is probably looking for things today.,It seems that I want to talk to each other today and good.。
“Hey-hey,That Jiang always thinks how should I answer??
I feel that this dish is not expensive.,A box of small blue sheets more than a hundred,Even hundreds of,There is a side effect.,The effect is not necessarily strong,But my dish is eaten.,Not only nutritious,And the effect lasts,The most important thing is no side effects,It’s hard to buy a small blue tablet for this price.?”
“Zheng Boss,Make a meal,Don’t tell,I still don’t need to eat small blue sheets that useless men buy things.。”
Jiangsu invincible,Also react,He has sinned many people.。
But it is very accustomed to it.,He really didn’t put it in your eyes around him.。
“Hey-hey,I am a metaphor,This is the price of this dish.,And I still don’t exaggerate the price of vegetables in the purchase channel.,I will follow up here.,Of course everyone doesn’t eat it.,I may once again use ordinary green non-pollutable vegetables.,But so far I still can’t do this supply channel.,Because the price of people exported to foreign countries is more expensive than giving me the price.,Now I can get the goods or equal to me.,I can’t do this. I can’t do it.,Of course, unless you don’t buy it.,Then I will use a batch yourself.,In that, I may reduce the purchase volume.。”
Zheng Tiancheng said this time revealed a strong confidence,Also put the facts in the face。
After all, the effect is remarkable.,Otherwise, there will be so many people to wait early today.。
Jiang invincible listened to this,The chill in the eyes is more than one point,He just just wants Zheng Tiancheng low head.,Then prove your face problem,Even the other party is just a little bit a little bit.,He feels that there is no need to communicate with the other side.。
But now Zheng Tiancheng’s practice is to let him completely anger.。
It is said to be a small place like Huashan City.,It is also a big place in the Magic, he also has a place.,Speaking is also unable to refute others.。
“hehe,it is good,very good,Since Zheng Boss is insisted,Then I can only spend more food.,I hope that the owner of Zheng Boss value。”
“Hey-hey,As long as you have eaten,I believe that I will feel that the money is not a little.。”
I have no opinion in the invincible of Jiangjiang.,Zheng Tiancheng does not feel small stress,Instead, it feels that the pressure is large.,Because Zheng Tiancheng is very angry,But it is so calm,Such people are generally a powerful opponent。
What’s more, the other side is, but there is a whole Jiang family.。
“hehe,I hope you said,But I still have something today.,Can only eat it again。”
Say,Jiang invincible directly get upright,Then bring the secretary around you slowly leave。
Just leaving the book sea,Jiang invincible around a circle,The smile in the eyes makes the scenes in the scene, such as sitting in a needle felt。
Jiangsu invincible stay in Huashan City is no longer two days a day.,The drug market can be said to be a monopoly,Other industries are also involved,If he wants to do, it is simply a devastating blow.。
Even Qinjia,Linjia’s families are not willing to provoke,But today Zheng Tiancheng is known as Lin Jia’s youngest.,The most optimistic genius actually dares the front hard。
No matter which angle,This practice of Zheng Tiancheng today is not optimistic.。
Dedicated to the river,Zheng Tiancheng laughs directly:“Everyone present today is meal.,I will give a free fruit plate for free.。”
Zheng Tiancheng’s sentence is very happy to be very happy.,Especially those who want only one plate,It’s even more happy.。
Jiang invincible back to his villa,The more you want to be angry,He has never eaten this loss today.。
I didn’t expect Huashan City, and some people dared to obey his orders.。
The previous Qin Xue made him feel very unfangled.,And now I have an emergence of Zheng Tiancheng,It is even more。