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“Headquarters call each mobile force,There is a large type in Tokyo.cEvil spirits……”
“Please patrol according to region serial number,Once the evil spirits are found,Clear immediately。”
Night street,Members of the countermeasures dragging the tired body,Complaining is a happy day。
Depths in the alley,Two long knives,Cross cross-crossing knife network,A few headscClass evil spirits,Drake a flash,Dissipated in the air。
“Huangquan,How many evil spirits are there?,Which area we are in?”Tuongong god,Panting。
cThe number of grades is not much,A knife is killing and does not costly,But the dispersed area is too wide.,Her physical strength is full of rushing。
“Let me see,The region where our current situation should be……”
Lushan Huangquan touches the communication device,Because the communication of the Tu Music Langle is robbed,A person can’t be accurately positioned,I can’t call teammates in time.,Can only act with her。
As for Liao Wenjie,Walking with people.。
“is that a lie,How can there be so many evil spirits in that area??”
Lushan Huangquan looks to the positioning of the communication,See the dense light spot,Surprised wide eyes,I am trying to ask which unlucky colleague iscLevel evil besieged,Spots on the teleconters instantly clear zero,Dry two nets disappeared。
“what happened,Is it fault??”
this moment,Members of many countermeasures are asked。
“Heaven and earth nature,Dispersion,Cave……”
Looking at the stars to dissipate an empty,Liao Wenjie,Continue to read it:“……mystery,Sway。”
Perhaps the enemy is weak,But this is not the reason why he does not respect each other。
Clean upcGrade evil spirits,Liao Wenjie looked in the communication device,I plan to change the zone and then mobilize the stone.,Collecting the second batch of leeks。
Killing stone seduce evil spirits,Communicator positioning area,Both cooperation,Semi-mean,Efficiency is not average。
Pick up,He found that most of the evil spirits were cleaned up.,Place the target in a farther area,suddenly,Communicate on a small red spot on a special tag。
at the same time,What is the interference?,I suddenly suddenly gave red light。
“Resonance between murderous stone,Still encountering provocation?”
Liao Wenjie,The feet are floating in the direction of the target,No matter which,It is worth his past to brush a wave。
Wayside,On the highway away from the bed,A row of street lights illuminate the ground,Isolated dark fearful darkness。
A woman holding a knife out of the dark,Enter the coverage of streetlights,Sharp cold light refractive light,Search hidden evil spirits in the dark area。
Woman in a sword,Stepping on a pair of long tube,Silver gray long hair and waist,Because of apparel,Good figure is hidden。
Yoshan Nai’s brother Lushan Yan’s daughter,Eighteen years old,谏山 黄 黄 堂,Mature makeup makes her look good than the Jingshan Huangquan year.,Standard Royal Sister。
“what happened,Have lost,Or my sense of understanding?”
tonightcExcessive number of evil spirits,The Mountain Movement of the Exor Magic,Although not a member of the countermeasure,But also spontaneously joined this union action。