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“what”Yu Siyun scared the soul,The whole person is tightly contracted together。
Such anger Lu Hao is terrible。
“Hoot”Yu Siyun cryed up,Chu Chu is pitiful looking at Lu Haozheng,Tears,“Continental,I just like you too much.,I will do this.,Continental,I like you,What’s wrong,I just want to use my own way to get Lu Guan.,Continental,You forgive me this time.,I will never do this.。”
“Apologize to me!”
Lu Hao’s low voice is full of incompatibility。
Lu Haocheng once again endured to interrupt her.。
Blue Xin was screaming by Lu Hao Cheng,She asko,The whole person wakes a few points.。
She lifted,Some people look at him,“Ah Cheng,Your voice is a little bit,I am so sleepy。”
“it is good!Blue Xin,My voice is light。”
Lu Hao Cheng took the blanket to cover her。
Blue Xindao:“Let her apologize to apologize,先查是谁把春季新品设计图泄露出去的,小俊他们被二哥他们带回去了,一会还得去一趟爸妈家。”
余思韵一听这句话,整个人都颤抖的起来,How can Lan Xin know设计图被泄露出去的事情呢?
“Continental,I just like you.”“I will apologize you.,Don’t say that those nonsense”Lu Haozheng low voice is like from hell,That pair of cold eyes,Just like more look at the rhyme,Will dirty your eyes。
“我”Lu Haocheng picked up the phone and dialed the mobile phone of Oujing。
Ou Jingqi just returned to the 25th floor,After following Ning Feifei。
“Ended the office with your computer,First capture the thief first,Send police station。”
“I am coming.。”
Hang up the phone,Lu Haocheng looked at Yu Siyun that still didn’t want to apologize.。
Yu Siyun’s heart refused to mention the eyes。
She turned immediately to Lan Xin,Down apologize:“lady,sorry,I’m wrong,I should not provoke you like this.,It should not be said that the words of the words,Lady, you are large.,Forgive me once。”
Yu Siyun’s tears,This ending,It’s what she can’t do.。
Blue Xin took off his eyelids and looked at her.,“I accept your apology,But the wicked people have their own wicked grinding,I am not the last person who hits you.,Before you also use this method to seduce your company’s old,But you succeed,Is the same means and way。”
Yu Siyun listened to this,Quite shocked,How can this be,蓝欣怎么会知道?
Blue Xinyang mobile phone,When I just opened my eyes,I saw your news push when I opened my eyes.。
She opens the video,Looked an eye title,Read out,“A company’s heartmaker seduce your company’s old,Wonderful means。”
Then open the video,Give Yu Siyun。